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Energy Sessions


What is energy work?  


Energy work is a form of alternative medicine which relies on the idea that the body is filled with and surrounded by energy fields which can be manipulated.  During an energy session, these fields will be worked to promote harmony and balance.   Energy healing helps on many levels, whether you have physical challenges of the body or those of thoughts, feelings, ideas, perceptions, or of knowledge, beliefs and memories. Our emotions have a powerful effect on the paths of energy in our bodies and, by extension, of how we receive and transmit energy. Being controlled by emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, hatred, jealously, or envy, etc. block our energy channels, even on the most subtle levels. These blockages prevent us from adequately attaining the full potential states of consciousness unique to each of us. Energy healing opens us up to new frequencies to allow for the healing of the mind, body and spirit. It reconnects us to the fullness of the universe and to the fullness of our being.


What should I expect?

Come with an attitude of anticipation but remain detached from expectations of what the outcome will be. Healing may come in areas you might not have expected, but of what you need on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or on any other level. During your session hands are placed above the body in a series of positions which facilitate the flow of energy. The benefits available through energy are unique to each individual who experiences a session, also the energies are initiated at the beginning of the session and continue working long after your session has ended. This is a new and effective way to renew balance to your mind, body and spirit.  In the energy sessions we will balance the energies with in your body using different energy techniques.  We will enhance the energetic experience with essential oils and crystals.  

How do I book my session and what is the cost?

Call 920-819-8650 or e-mail info@evolveyogaandwellness.com  to schedule your session.   Costs:  $75 for a single session and package pricing is available.